COED UCHAF - PentrefoelaS

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Memories in a Landscape                   Atgofion mewn tirwedd


A Jubilee mystery - why plant 100 trees on a lonely Welsh hilltop?

Dirgelwch Jiwbilî – pam plannu cant o goed ar ben bryn pellennig yng Nghymru?

Beautiful, stunning Images document a unique copse watching Pentrefoelas, North Wales.

Lluniau hardd, trawiadol yn cofnodi golwg unigryw ar goedlan ym Mhentrefoelas,  gogledd Cymru.

Based on a theme of passing spaces seen in a brief moment from a train or car window,

Coed Uchaf is just one of many small woods that have a solid identity shaped by history.

These unique landscape photographs reveal connections to a fascinating distant past including the Romans, Fairies, Queen Victoria and even a Vicar's daughter.

Experience the visual power and unique atmosphere and remember the brief moment, when you see a world which has long existed and will remain after you’ve gone.